Strategic Growth Has More to Do with Process Than it Does Technique.

Buyers don’t buy until they trust. Social capital, trust can only be built with quality interaction – human interaction is the key.

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The COACT Process

We learn your business, help determine your strategic growth architecture, and become an accountable, integral member of your business growth team.

When you hire COACT it is as if you were to build a fully staffed business development and marketing team, installed best-in-market tools, and designed a performance management, metrics, and process control discipline – building a competitive advantage of your top-of-funnel functions. Our professional business development outreach team is supported by a fully functioning marketing team consisting of content writers, graphic designers, a videographer with drone capabilities, social media experts, web developers, software engineers, and a business development outreach team.

COACT designs, installs, and executes best practices in building brand position and awareness, while developing and managing relationships with high-value targets who will be strategically important to your future growth. ‘Clicks’ and ‘likes’ are cute, but we’re serious about creating human interaction that builds relationships that will be meaningful to the future success of your business – COACT is the preeminent full-service strategic growth agency.

We create and track ‘clicks’ and ‘unique visitors’ but we’re most interested in having conversations with decision makers.

Strategic growth is a daily discipline, not an as-needed activity.

Our Process in Action

It all begins with Physics – our team becomes oriented to your organizational history, culture, customer success stories and products and services. We help you to strategically define your business model, focus your go-to market strategy, choose your future customers, and sharpen your message.

This is the first step in building your strategic architecture.

Next, we install a Rhythm of communication and learning. By targeting your ideal customer profile, we learn about your prospects’ buying systems and their motivation to buy. Our team does the heavy lifting- profiling, prospecting, pre-qualifying, and positioning new business opportunities for your professional sales team to propose and close.

Our process builds on relationships and regular frequency of quality interaction to eliminate the variable of timing.

All this is put in place to help your organization build Mastery in the market. Our goal is to supply your organization with a meaningful, sustainable competitive advantage, making you the competitor of choice. We do this by gathering information over time, which we organize and analyze, then share with your team to leverage knowledge to gain competitive advantage and differentiate your company in the market.

Our Sales Synergy Process Delivers Excellence in Support of Your Sales Professionals.






We gather information through proactive research based outreach to your strategic targets.


We then organize what we learn about buying systems and a prospect's motivation to buy in our CRM, metric system, and activity reports.


Our Strategic Growth Advisors analyze that data to determine next steps in your strategic growth campaign.

Leverage Knowledge

Lastly, we leverage that knowledge to gain competitive advantage and differentiate your organization in the market.

Sales Continuum

Are you dedicated to business growth? This is not a trick question; the answer is more complex than you might originally think.

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Timing is Everything

Christmas card marketing does not work. The COACT process builds on relationships and regular frequency of quality interaction to eliminate the variable of timing.

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