The difference between COACT and react is as clear as black and white.

Launch and sustain a process of business growth.

How did your business growth goals fall behind? One day at a time. If you keep doing the same things, can you really expect different results?

Whether it is end user demand generation, lead qualification and management, reseller development and management, membership development and management or share of pocket strategies, the challenges are similar.

Does running your business get in the way of growing your business?

Often executives and sales professionals find themselves being pulled into account management and operational issues, preventing them from consistently working on new-business activities.

A preponderance of your time and resources are appropriately spent on the supply side processes of your business – taking care of customers and various related operational issues; however, to build a prosperous business system, demand side elements must be installed with dedicated people, processes and a performance system. The demand side elements are critical to business growth, yet are often the most neglected.

Get different fast. Positively disrupt your organization's mindset about business growth possibilities.

How long have you been telling yourself that the next quarter will be different? If you keep doing the same things, can you really expect different results?

Cuts don’t cut it - they simply reinforce negativity. Growth strategies positively disrupt your system, inspiring your team to focus on possibilities.

It is critical to install a business growth process that disrupts the downward cycle of denominator management. You’ve made the cuts. But these cuts are only part of the equation. Smaller is not the goal; enduring profit is.

There are two ways to increase profit. You can continue to manage the denominator by reducing costs. Better still, you can raise the numerator by growing revenue.

Get different - fast. Positively disrupt your organization’s mindset about business growth possibilities. Produce different results now. Revisit your equation for success.

Stop selling. Start learning.

Selling often gets in the way of learning.

When you complete a client call, does your prospect know more about your company than you do about theirs?

Frame questions that show your curiosity and prove your credibility, with a higher goal of learning about your prospect’s buying system and motivation to buy. The more you know about how - and why - a client buys, the stronger your selling position will be. Build unique knowledge about your prospect’s current condition and vision of the future, and then customize your solution bridge that gap, changing the rules of competition. Stop selling, start learning - create your competitive advantage.

Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up." – Thomas Edison

Choose your future clients, learn about their buying systems, discover their needs, understand their motivation to buy and position your company to supply solutions that change the rules of competition. Continuously, consistently and positively pulse the market and your organization with a message of learning and growth.