Sales Continuum

Imagine the business growth system on a zero-to-ten sales continuum, where ten is making money. On that continuum, about seven is where you offer a proposal for your services or products. A successful proposal leads to an award, performing the work and taking payment… ten! At COACT, we call this seven-to-ten side of the business, the Supply Side.

On the Supply Side, you have made major investments – rightly so. This is where you service and manage your customer relationships and improve the value you deliver. Your people, highly refined processes and a performance system are dedicated and featured on the Supply Side. There are organizational charts, job descriptions, process flow charts, dash boards and spreadsheets to communicate and monitor progress and results.

We know that we need to strategically identify and increase demand to build a prosperous business system; however, as we reflect on our business model, we rarely find the same attention to detail and dedicated resources assigned to the zero-to-six activities on the sales continuum – the Demand Side.