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We are business growth specialists.

COACT team members have over 100 years of combined experience in business-to-business sales, marketing process, and techniques.

We work with clients across the country, building and implementing strategic business growth campaigns. Our team of inside sales and marketing professionals target, prospect, pre-qualify and position business opportunities for your professional sales staff to close.

The COACT proposition - we enable our clients to economically access a process and professional inside sales and marketing team that significantly increases awareness and builds demand for their products and services. Today’s competitive advantage is determined by the amount of knowledge that is gained and shared about the prospect’s buying system - COACT helps build that advantage.

COACT has more than 50 active business growth campaigns across the country. Our core competency is business growth and promotion serving all business-to-business marketing segments. On average, we generate over 20 times our monthly retainer in proposal dollars submitted.

Click here to view the unique culture of COACT