Headshot of Melisa Lyons

Melisa Lyons

Manager of Marketing

Melisa was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio, up until fourth grade when her family moved to a small village about 30 minutes outside the city. After high school, she moved to Dayton where she completed her B.A. in Mass Communications and Minor in Spanish at Wright State University. Dayton was a home away from home, but the Glass City had ahold of her heart, so she eventually moved back.

She’s a friendly and outgoing gal and loves to make friends with just about everyone. When Melisa’s not at work, you can find her cuddled up on a couch, on a sand volleyball court, or hiking. Her favorite things about working at COACT so far, would be the rapport between co-workers and the receptiveness of all types of ideas to reach the goals of our clients.

Next place on your travel bucket list

I would love to visit Europe, specifically Ireland and Great Britain.

On Sunday mornings, you can usually find me…

Cozied up with a book on my couch or racing off to brunch with friends.