Kristian Mendoza

Business Development Specialist

Kristian was born in Chicago, Illinois. He moved to Toledo shortly after and grew up there with his parents, brother, and dog, Kobe. He received a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing from The University of Toledo in the spring of 2024. His passions include making new connections, discovering new interests, and maintaining a curiosity about the world. He is known for his optimism, sociability, openness, and fun-loving nature, he thrives in dynamic environments. His favorite aspect of COACT is the exposure to diverse industries and the supportive team that helps guide him through it all.

Your personal motto

Life is short, do it before it’s too late.

The most unusual job that you’ve ever had

Working the registers at Kohls

Your guilty pleasure TV show or movie

Dune 2, La La Land, and Everything Everywhere All at Once