Headshot of Gretchen Hopkins

Gretchen Hopkins

Account Executive

Gretchen was born in South Bend, Indiana, which is one of the nearest big cities to the small town she was raised in. She grew up in the tiny farming village of Decatur, Michigan. Gretchen received her bachelor’s in Marketing from Michigan Technological University with a background in biological sciences as well as cultural diversity. Gretchen finds it exciting to learn about and understand different cultures, because of the insights gained when different perspectives and experiences are explored, compared, and better understood. She started playing rugby when she was in college and it has also become one of her greatest passions. She is very talkative, typically, and loves making people laugh. Her favorite thing about COACT is the camaraderie and uplifting environment in the office.

Your go-to snack

Buffalo chicken dip!

What’s the weirdest thing you believed as a child?

That butterflies had something to do with actual butter, and that if I ate butter, there was a better chance that I’d become a butterfly one day.