Mike Hunter

Director of Finance
Mike Hunter

Mike was born in Detroit, Michigan and grew up in the metro Detroit area. He received his bachelors accounting degree from Central Michigan University and then after a few years out in the real world obtained his CPA. Since a very young age, Mike has been very involved in music. From learning to play the saxophone, playing in concert bands throughout grammar school, and playing in the Central Michigan Marching Band.

Today, Mike continues to enjoy a variety of music experiences and helping underserved children learn music from a nonprofit organization called the BeInstrumental Foundation. He considers his personality to be pretty conservative and reserved as many CPAs are. He does enjoy getting out of the box, trying new experiences and teaching his two children to have fun in life. After wearing a tie regularly for many years of his CPA career, Mike enjoys the more relaxed atmosphere of COACT and is now watching his ties collect some dust.

My best childhood memory:
My best childhood memory is going camping with my family. We enjoyed many trips to different places and it was always fun to be in the outdoors and sit around the campfire.
My nickname:
My nickname growing up was “Mikey” of course. I could never seem to get out from underneath that old Life cereal commercial that said “Mike likes it”.
The best place I’ve traveled
The best place I’ve traveled to is Maui, Hawaii. There is not much that can compare to snorkeling in crystal clear water in little island coves or swimming in a naturally made pool with a 200 foot waterfall over your head.
Mike Hunter