Christian Pokrywka

Christian Pokrywka

Christian was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio, and received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Film from Full Sail University. Prior to attending Full Sail, he attended Specs Howard School of Digital Media Arts in Farmington Hills, MI which gave him a good crash course in everything related to Digital Media and a strong foundation to build upon. Christian is most passionate about his work, and nothing makes him more proud than taking a simple idea, and constructing engaging and informative videos for clients. He is goofy, outgoing, caring, loving, and punctual.

Christian’s favorite thing about COACT is being able to work with an amazing team of like-minded individuals. All of us thrive off of offering world-class service to our clients and helping them achieve their goals. The feeling this rewards us with is indescribable and keeps a positive morale in the workplace alive on a constant basis.

Best childhood memory:
When I was seven years old, my parents brought me along on a cruise trip to Jamaica, Grand Caymen, and Cancun. While in Jamaica, we toured a banana plantation and tried non-alcoholic pina coladas. In Grand Caymen, my father and I went on a submarine ride with amazing views of the sea life on the ocean floor. And finally in Cancun, we snorkeled and I was left in a 3-foot deep kiddy pool without any supervision! I’m lucky I wasn’t kidnapped!
My nickname is Whitey, which I picked up in the lunchroom during my sophomore year of high school from a classmate. Within a week the entire school started calling me it. I took no offense, and actually transformed it into my personal brand. It’s a unique name that people easily remember and it has definitely helped me stand out amongst my peers.
Best place you’ve traveled:
In 2012, I toured across England and did video work for a local Toledo artist named Raine Wilder, and we rented a car and had numerous shows across the country. Before going I assumed England would be a lot like America, but it was way different! It was really cool to experience a new culture and I made many new, life-long friends.