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Time Management Magic

By: Lee Cockerell

Time Management Magic

Based on the principles taught at the world-renowned Disney Institute, the ideas aren’t only for managers in the workplace, they’re for everyone in everyplace. Lee Cockerell, former Sr. Operating Executive for Walt Disney World Resort, is a time management expert and shares his personal planning system.

The executive time management secrets contained in this book will help you keep all parts of your life under control and jump-start your personal and professional growth. It emphasizes how to value yourself in regards to life management, noting that until you value yourself, you will not value your time.

Efficient is being able to get things done. Effective is doing the right things in the right order, and making sure you address everything that is urgent, vital and important, in every part of your life. How to structure and prioritize your time, control the uncontrollable, and avoid procrastination are all factors in effective and efficient time management.

“You either pay now or pay later with just about every decision you make about where and how you spend your time.”

This book is a quick read and definitely worth your time.