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The Pumpkin Plan

By: Mike Michalowicz

The Pumpkin Plan

In a wonderful analogy, Michalowicz weaves his business success teachings from the perspective of championship pumpkin growers.

From his introduction:

  • The Holy Grail in the Pumpkin Patch
  1. Plant promising seeds.
  2. Water, water, water.
  3. As they grow, routinely remove all of the diseased or damaged pumpkins.
  4. Weed like a mad dog. Not a single green leaf or root permitted if it isn’t a pumpkin plant.
  5. When they grow larger, identify the stronger, faster-growing pumpkins. Then, remove all the less-promising pumpkins. Repeat until you have one pumpkin on each vine.
  6. Focus all of your attention on the big pumpkin. Nurture it around the clock like a baby, and guard it like you would your first Mustang convertible.
  7. Watch it grow. In the last days of the season, this will happen so fast you can actually see it happen.

There is some real meat here. You might already have a framework in your mind based on the pumpkin patch. This is an excellent book to help focus your organizational efforts, both strategically and operationally. Time to get dirty.

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