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SPIN Selling

By: Neil Rackham

SPIN Selling

If the title doesn’t turn you off, you’ll find this one of the better reads available to the sales professional. Actually, it might make you feel better to know that SPIN is an acronym for the types of questions a salesperson should progress through to improve sales results:

Situation Questions – Unrelated to sales success, Situation Questions uncover facts or details about the current state of the buying system.

Problem Questions – Like Situation Questions, Problem Questions are not related to sales success, but the answers are necessary to learn implied needs. These questions probe problems or difficulties, dissatisfaction in the buying system.

Implication Questions – These questions are highly correlated to sales success. Implication Questions such as, “How would 20% less waste in this area affect your financial performance?”

Need/Payoff Questions – These questions have a positive framework. They are intended to get the buying system to tell you the unique value your solution or a perceived solution could provide. “So, to your department, why is reducing waste and saving cost important? Are you measured on such things?”

The best salespeople tend to have strong questioning and listening skills. SPIN Selling is a wonderful text to help you condition your prospect, positioning them to make a commitment to explore next steps with your firm.

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