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SalesForce 2020

By: Thomas Freese

SalesForce 2020

The selling environment has changed dramatically, yet the world of sales training has remained surprisingly stagnant.

SalesForce 2020 is the only book of its kind. It is a book about the future of selling. While hindsight may indeed be 20/20, many of the old school sales tactics that have been touted for decades no longer make sense as we rapidly approach the year 2020.

Freese comments on many of the traditional sales models made famous by Strategic Selling, The Challenger Sales, SPIN Selling, Solution Selling, The Psychology of Selling and Sandler Sales Training. In SalesForce 2020, Freese breaks down the entire sales continuum with wisdom and sprinkles in elements of Question Based Selling.

This book is recommended for anyone in sales, offering excellent approaches and ways to help sales people understand the future of selling. Freese defines a customer centric sales process and the ability to identify their problems early in the sales process before jumping to solutions as many traditional sales methodologies teach.

*Written by Melanie Garza