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Quantum Technology: Not Just in the Lab Anymore

quantum technology

Recently, The Economist issued a great video and an in-depth article highlighting how scientists and businesses are applying quantum physics to growing technologies.

Per the Merriam-Webster dictionary, quantum theory is defined as “a theory in physics that is based on the idea that energy (such as light) is made of small separate units of energy.” It involves the study of the strange phenomena that occur at the subatomic level (and believe me, some of the concepts in quantum theory are downright weird).

Modern scientists are now focused on bring these theories to life in a variety of applications:

  • More accurate atomic clocks, which are used in GPS systems and will most likely be applied to self-driving cars
  • Brain-controlled computers
  • Quantum-gravity sensors, which can be used for large infrastructure projects and in detecting submarines and torpedoes
  • Biological imaging technology

Excited States

So keep on your eye on quantum technology: it’s not only growing, but being invested in significantly across the world.


No small effort

In short, it’s not just in labs and physicals classes anymore—quantum physics has taken the leap into the real world, and the possibilities are just beginning. 

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