Book Reviews

Cracking the Sales Management Code

By: Jason Jordan with Michelle Vazzana

Cracking the Sales Management Code

As Sales Managers, we seem obsessed with one measurement, business closed.

Of course, this is the job of our sales and marketing departments, but there is so much more to pay attention to than this alone. This book helps us delineate results, from sales objectives and meaningful activities of our sales teams.

The authors did extensive research into “War Room” metrics or key performance indicators of sales teams across a number of industries. They broke each measure down with the intent of helping the sales manager better understand the functional purpose of the measure. Then, they pieced together a sales management measurement system that monitored the antecedent activities and objectives that are in direct control of the sales person, improving top-line results.

This is a great read for anyone who responsible for managing a sales team. Thoughtfully prepared, it is an easy and impactful read.

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