Thermal Barcode Label Printer Manufacturer Develops Reseller Campaign with Resounding Success

Case Study

Thermal Barcode Label Printer Manufacturer Develops Reseller Campaign with Resounding Success

Leading thermal barcode label printer manufacturer TSC Auto-ID Technology is headquartered in Taiwan and was looking to expand its North American operations.

While they had a vision in mind—expanding their sales by developing a channel distribution market with value-added resellers (VARs)—they did not yet solidify a sales process to bring their goals to fruition.  That was when they turned to COACT Associates as an industry partner to grow their customer base in the U.S. and Canada.


Although TSC had been based in the U.S. since 1999 and had become better known in the industry throughout the years, their North American operations were still relatively small.  In addition, there were many resellers in the industry who were not familiar with TSC or their products.  Their proactive sales process was important, but other central focuses and operations made their sales fall by the wayside. They were also looking to expand their reach within the reseller community through increased marketing and video, but did not have the internal resources to do so.


TSC Auto-ID Technology is an emerging leader in the production of innovative, competitively priced thermal bar code label printers. They were the first Taiwan-based manufacturer to supply more than 3 million label printers to the Auto-identification market—a testimony to the world-class quality of their products.

They have used over 20 years of development and manufacturing experience to design and bring to market a wide range of thermal label printers—everything from budget-friendly entry-level printers to high-performance platforms and portable, mobile-labeling devices. Their ISO9001-certified products are known for their rugged, dependable construction and ease of use—two signature features praised by customers worldwide.


COACT Associates has a wealth of experience providing full-service inside sales and marketing services to point-of-sale (POS) manufacturers—particularly those who sell through distribution channels.  We work with clients across the country, building and implementing strategic business growth campaigns with a focus on the demand side of the sales continuum.


TSC partnered with ScanSource, one of the largest value-added distributors in the world, to further expand their reach into the VAR community in North America.  COACT, being strategically aligned with ScanSource, was able to  partner with TSC to develop a reseller-focused, multi-media campaign. COACT and TSC jointly developed a list of target companies and helped to refine their marketing and sales process.

“As a relatively small organization, we all have a lot of jobs to do….  COACT has helped us to have a process for doing inside sales, outbound calling and touching customers from a marketing standpoint. It was very exciting, and it has helped to raise our company to a much higher level.”

– David Lundeen, Vice President of Marketing, TSC Auto ID Technology


Through a mixture of print and digital touch points combined with outbound sales and lead nurturement, COACT was able to increase TSC’s presence in the label printer market. Not only did TSC have several targeted landing pages, sophisticated email campaigns, and product video at their disposal, they also had the creative strategy and talent that COACT brought to the table. The end result was this: TSC was able to realize their goal in connecting with numerous POS VARs, making them a formidable force in the U.S. and Canada.


Within a little over a year of working with COACT, we generated:

  • 75+ reseller introductions and new VAR partner opportunities
  • 12+ product videos with an extensive reach
  • A reseller microsite with over 800 page views within the first 9 months
  • 30+ targeted emails to POS resellers that were delivered to an average of 1083.79 people per email, had 635 views on average, and had an estimated click rate of 41.94

“The response we’ve had has been remarkable, and TSC as a manufacturer is in many ways similar to our resellers who are mostly small businesses… Many of these companies could really use the type of expertise that COACT brings to the table.”

– David Lundeen, Vice President of Marketing, TSC Auto ID Technology