Precision Machining Shop Looks to COACT for Business Growth Opportunities

Case Study

Precision Machining Shop Looks to COACT for Business Growth Opportunities

Pitching a complex and highly technical product or service is a challenge. At COACT, however, we know the ins and outs of marketing and business development for the precision machining industry. Our team of specialists have decades of experience in marketing strategy, design, sales process, training, and execution.

Our client produces high-quality machined parts and components for use in many specialized industries. However, that was not always the case. As a result, they looked to COACT to help them leverage a multifaceted strategy to break into new markets, as they worked solely with customers in the fluid and gas industry for quite some time.

The Challenge: Expanding to New Markets

Our client’s 40,000 sq. ft. facility is a full CNC machine shop that uses cutting-edge equipment and software to manufacture quality components quickly. They offer a wide range of services, including simple and advanced machining and finished products. According to our client’s general manager, their most prominent challenge before connecting with COACT at a trade show was customer diversification.

“At the time, our two largest customers made up 90% of our business,” he said. “So, when we decided to start looking for a partner to help us with business growth opportunities, we contacted COACT.” They hoped to use COACT to diversify their customer base beyond fluid and gas, as they knew they could provide the same value to other industries.

The Solution: Becoming a Recognized Leader

To deliver results, COACT would need to develop and execute a strategy to introduce our client to new markets and position the company as a serious competitor in the precision machining space. Our team leveraged a multi-phase approach – focusing on the look and feel of their brand and an ongoing business development outreach strategy to maintain momentum.

COACT focused on solidifying our client’s credibility and differentiating its service offerings.
Our team hit the ground running by building a list of high-target accounts and making discovery calls to key decision-makers. We also launched various marketing touchpoints to build brand awareness, including a website refresh, digital advertising, social media, email marketing, and branded promotional materials, including video mailers, line cards, and brochures.

According to our client’s general manager, when it first established its relationship with COACT, it began implementing tactics that nobody else in the manufacturing industry was taking the time to do. “During the startup process, I was very impressed with COACT’s strategic planning analysis and how they had their entire process laid out,” he said. “They provided a long-game approach and a solid blueprint to get us new business, which really got the ball rolling.”

The Results: Onboarding New Customers

Our team delivered on our client’s goals of driving awareness and credibility and effectively differentiated the company in a highly competitive space.

The company’s two largest customers, which once took up 90% of their business, now only account for 30%. Since 2019, COACT has helped them onboard 12 new customers in varying industries. Thanks to its collaborative partnership with COACT, our client established themselves as a leader in the precision machining space. They continue to leverage the relationship to take full advantage of emerging opportunities in fluid and gas, aerospace, power generation, medical device, automotive aftermarket, and military industries.

“If you’re on the fence about working with COACT, contact someone who has worked with them, and that will tell you all that you need to know. It will be the best decision you’ve made in your business life,” Brian said. “When you look at the data they provide, you see that you’re winning. You’re not just talking about stuff. It’s actual data that clearly shows your ROI.”


At COACT, our integrated team of inside sales and marketing professionals prospect, pre-qualify and position strategic growth opportunities for our clients to close.

Our portfolio expands across industries and continents. We have had notable success working with manufacturing and metal fabrication firms, supporting them in building strategic, long-term business relationships and strengthening their brand image. Visit our website to learn more here.