COACT Client Gains More Than $1M in Wins

Case Study

COACT Client Gains More Than $1M in Wins

In the world of precision machined products manufacturing, competition is high, quotes are many, and margins can be slim.

The industries that these companies manufacturer for – including aerospace, automotive, medical device, glass, and metal forging manufacturers – often have layered, complex buying systems that take time to develop, understand, and develop relationships with.

As a result, Frazier turned to COACT to increase their customer base and develop a sophisticated sales structure.



Frazier Machine & Production, Inc. is a state-of-the-art center for precision machining and production serving the aerospace, glass, alternative energy, electronics, and automotive industries. They specialize in custom-machined parts; custom gauge design, production, certification, and testing; prototype development; light fabrication; and sub-assemblies.



It’s not an exaggeration to say that Frazier Machine & Production, Inc. is good at what they do. With their passion for manufacturing, specialization in custom-machined parts, and commitment to quality, accuracy, and repeatability, they provide some of the best products in the industry.

However, before they worked with COACT, they did not have a sales team or process. They had tried manufacturers’ reps in the past with little to no success. Their senior leadership team handled all of their sales efforts down to cold calling in the midst of their many other duties and responsibilities. They had stacks and stacks of quotes, but no time to follow up to them afterwards.



COACT worked with Frazier to develop a sales campaign and process in strategically focused regions and industries. COACT sought to understand the buying systems of some of the largest companies in Frazier’s key industries. Their mutual focus was not only introductions, but quick results, numerous quote opportunities, and ultimately, closed wins.

“The process is excellent, and it’s really been beneficial not only to myself personally, but to our business.”

-Jeff Frazier, President & Owner, Frazier Machine & Production, Inc.



COACT helped position Frazier to stand out from the crowd in a noisy competitive landscape. COACT found the best regions for Frazier to work in and identified high-value targets in specific industries. Through our process of business growth, COACT conducted a campaign of cold sales, quote follow-ups, print and digital marketing, and email outreach to find the decision makers at each company. Buying systems were broken down. Introductions were facilitated. Customer visits were set up. Quotes came in. And finally, quotes were won.

“The quality of new leads of companies that we’ve never seen… or heard of is very good.  Any of them have developed into actual customer meetings or planned tours at our site, and so, just from that, we’ve been able to continue the process and start to develop a relationship, receive quotes, and ultimately receive the purchase orders – which is what we’re after.”

– Jeff Frazier, President & Owner, Frazier Machine & Production, Inc.



Within our first eight months of working with Frazier, they were introduced to companies including:

  • The top material handling equipment manufacturer in the U.S.
  • A top tier 1 aerospace firm
  • An industry-leading global industrial technology serving the plastics processing industry $13 billion company that is the world’s leading diversified manufacturer of motion, control technology, and systems

After these introductions were made, and three years into their work together, COACT:

  • Increased their revenue by 5 times per COACT/ outlay – almost a 5:1 for what they spent per what they received in revenue
  • $3M in quote opportunities
  • $1M in closed business

“A good example of the business development process that COACT uses is…we targeted the Cincinnati area and came up with about 6 or 7 very good prospects, qualified them, then COACT actually set up business meetings for myself…. I spent two days in the Cincinnati area, methodically going through each of the different interviews. Several of them have developed not only into quotes, but also business and purchase orders. One has a big potential to be one of our top clients.”

– Jeff Frazier, President & Owner, Frazier Machine & Production, Inc.