Action will Delineate and Define You: 2 Mental Models for an Action Planning Process

By: Mark Frasco

“Action will delineate and define you.” –  Thomas Jefferson I just finished reading a biography of our third president, “Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power,” by Jon Meacham. Ironically, I write...

Scientia Potentia Est. – Why You Need Learning & Knowledge for Your Sales Process

By: Mark Frasco

I don’t speak Latin, but I’ve done my research. What Sir Francis Bacon was saying in the 16th century was “knowledge is power.” So, if that is true, you could...

The New Conceptual Selling

By: Jason Rager

Title: The New Conceptual Selling Authors: Stephen E. Heiman, Diane Sanchez Executive Summary: In 1987, Miller Heiman published their groundbreaking book that challenged the current thoughts about sales at the time and...