COACT Contributes to Client Success in the Metal Fab Industry

COACT Contributes to Client Success in the Metal Fab Industry

When running your business gets in the way of growing your business, what do you do? All too often, business owners spend their time ensuring the success of customer relationships and daily operations. As a result, some business owners find they lack the dedicated resources to tackle the most important strategies for their business’s long-term success: growing an audience, nurturing new client relationships, and building a pipeline for future opportunities. Even if your organization is busy right now – you will always want new sales opportunities lined up for the next slow period. This is where COACT brings major support to our clients – providing the strategy, research, design, prospecting, pre-qualifying, and positioning new opportunities to create long-term strategic growth.

One such client, a leader in precision machining with over 25 years of experience and 3 locations across the U.S., was struggling to juggle the workload of running their business and growing as well.

As a leader in the precision manufacturing space, our client was looking to engage with multiple high value target prospects, with the goal of building relationships and partnering on high-volume quote opportunities in multi-spindles, CNC machined parts, hydromats, and prototyping.

Defining Vision, Value and Audience

This precision parts manufacturer faced a unique challenge: the value of their parts truly depended on the end user application and use case. Because precision parts are widely used across an array of industries, it was important for our client to promote their capabilities in multiple key markets, including manufacturing and automotive.  

COACT created two campaigns to best market our client toward their competitive advantages in the manufacturing and automotive industries. Instead of our client trying to be “everything to everyone,” we researched our specific markets and tailored our business development outreach, written content, and marketing materials to the pain points of decision makers in those industries.

Setting the Gears in Motion

A high value target of our client in the manufacturing industry reached out to us after receiving a voicemail from our team. The company, who manufactures commercial products such as faucets and fittings for restaurants, hotels, hospitals, schools, and public facilities around the world, had seen a significant boost in their commercial faucets due to COVID-19 and the increasing demand for contactless water fountains. Our team inquired about the prospect’s current supplier process and were informed that it was not ideal. The prospect was looking for a supplier who could do it all and serve as their one-stop-shop for precision parts.

Securing the Relationship, Positioning the Close

After offering insight into our client’s capabilities and explaining how they might be able to help, the prospect was receptive and especially interested in our client’s lead-free brass product. We ensured the prospect that this is the solution they have been searching for and we could certainly provide them with the high-quality products they require.

The prospect proceeded to ask about next steps and agreed to send over their standard package via email to receive a quote for a multi-million-dollar project. The prospect was eager to receive an answer, as they asked to speed up the process, saying sooner was better. Our team positioned this new and urgent opportunity with our client to secure the quote.

The Sales Enablement Process

In order for COACT to receive this multi-million-dollar quote for our client, we released 8-10 touchpoints over a six-month period to the decision makers in our target markets. These touchpoints included phone calls and voicemails, personal email outreach, direct mail, digital line cards, social media postings, mass email marketing, and digital advertising.

Our strategic approach and ability to secure new multi-million-dollar quote opportunities is proof that human interaction, mixed with an integrated sales and marketing approach to business development, is incredibly effective.


Business growth is hard. Between earning new business and retaining current business, it’s difficult to know where to spend your time. Most organizations exhaust their resources taking care of customers, earning repeat business, and keeping business.

Where do you find the time and talent to develop and manage relationships with high-value targets and attract new customers? Naturally, hiring a top performer is on your mind. But your next big hire would have to do so much. Strategic thinking, market research, target list creation, marketing, graphic design, social media, website development, digital advertising strategy, video, photography, and more.

Sounds impossible, right? Maybe not. Meet COACT: your Full-Service Business Growth Agency.

COACT specializes in relationship building and management systems. Our team of business development and marketing professionals are experts at prospecting, pre-qualifying, and positioning strategic business opportunities for our clients – one quality interaction at a time. Our portfolio expands across a variety of industries, and we have seen huge success for metal fabrication clients over the course of our twenty years in business, bringing new opportunities to our clients and strengthening their brand image.

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