Weekly Opportunity Highlights
August 17 – August 21

Weekly Opportunity Highlights <br><small>August 17 – August 21</small>

There is no doubt that some weeks are busier than others, and for team COACT, last week was one of those crazy busy weeks. Our schedules were filled to the brim with business development calls, marketing design time, and campaign strategy meetings. The outcome of that dedicated hard work came in the form of on-time completed tasks, and an impressive amount of high-quality work for our clients, including some noteworthy opportunities. Every week, our team continues to show that We Are Build for This.

We are built for this.

Getting the job done

Our prospect, Kevin, replied to an email he received from our mechanical contracting client. He replied saying that despite everything going on with the pandemic, his company has been surprisingly busy, so they’ve had trouble getting projects going. However, he mentioned that he has a boiler installation coming up soon and could use help with it, as well as designing the delivery system. The client is working with Kevin to create a strategy for his project needs.

Known in the industry

Erica emailed directly regarding our healthcare client and some open job positions she wanted posted to their website. She asked the client if they needed any additional information from her to get started. The client is in the process of getting her job advertisements posted.

High Value Conversations

We reached out to Bruce, a prospective high-value target partner, on behalf of our Point-of-Sale hardware supplier client, and left a voicemail for him. He returned our call shortly after and asked about pricing for a specific product. He was pleasantly surprised when we reassured him the particular product he was searching for was still in stock. We exchanged information with him and followed up via email with pricing details.

Strengthening connections with each interaction

After speaking with Jean-Louis on the phone multiple times and following up with him via email regarding our technology client’s state-of-the-art printers, he finally expressed interest in a receipt printer. He mentioned that his company offers hand-held computers to restaurants and is looking for a printer that is compatible with it. Our client is set to chat with Jean-Louis this week to discuss further details.

Growing Client Base

A residential plumbing and HVAC contractor that we reached out to for one of our clients years ago reengaged with a recent capabilities overview text email that was sent. The prospective client asked for us to contact him in 8 weeks to continue the discussion. The client was able to schedule a discovery call within the next month with this prospect for a more formal introduction.

New Growth Opportunity

Brian was forwarded our RFID event and venue management solutions client’s information from a mutual connection. Brian works for a company in charge of golf tournaments across Canada. He let us know that they expect all their tournaments to be canceled or fan-less this year, but would like to explore technological options for next year. He is also interested in hearing the client’s success stories. The client is set to speak with Brian this week.

New Growth Opportunity

We reached out to Tim on behalf of our Economic Development client. Tim recognized our client’s name from a recent voicemail and email we had sent over and said that he was interested in learning more about what our client has to offer regarding tax and economic development incentives. Tim’s company is looking to purchase a new company and said the timing is perfect for him to connect with our client. They are speaking on the phone this week to make an introduction.

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