Weekly Opportunity Highlights
August 10 – August 14

Weekly Opportunity Highlights <br><small>August 10 – August 14</small>

As the world slowly transitions back to its normal routine, team COACT is continuing to build strategic growth for organizations across the country. Our integrated team is dedicated to researching and implementing innovative approaches for business growth to make our clients’ goals a reality. We continue to prove the value of COACT’s unique business growth model to small-mid size businesses across the United States and every week, we are seeing results.  

We are built for this.

Perfect timing for a new business opportunity

We reached a prospective customer of one of our tech clients and were pleasantly surprised to find out that she was in the market for development insight. In fact, she was on the other line with another company discussing a mobile app development project she wants to see to fruition. The prospect said that our timing was perfect, and she was able to connect with the client that same day to discuss her project in more detail.

Inquiries on deck

A potential customer received a referral from a mutual connection and reached out via email expressing his interest in our healthcare client. The prospect mentioned that our client’s online advertising platform would be a strong fit for his company’s marketing initiatives. The client was able to schedule an introductory call to further discuss how their platform can meet his advertising needs.

Securing a great lead

Our team followed up on behalf of our technology client to connect with a new customer, with the goal of introducing the clients’ state-of-the-art printers. The customer stated that his company’s current printers were bulky, and they were looking for more of an “on the go” style. He expressed interest in the client’s printers as well as the possibility of a partner program. The prospect has set up an introductory meeting with our clients’ team to further discuss the partnership.

Email outreach for the win

Our prospect, Emiel, responded to an email that came from our digital advertising client. He mentioned that his purpose of reaching out was to obtain a quote for running banner advertisements on an up-and-coming page on the client’s website. He expressed interest in promoting some of his company’s current initiatives centered around health and safety during the pandemic, and asked to discuss in further detail. Our client is set to chat with Emiel this week.

Trust the process, it takes time

We spoke with Leane, a prospective customer of our precision parts manufacturer, back in February. Although interested, she was too busy at the time to dive deep into what our client could offer for her business. We exchanged information and received an email from her this week, months later, with forms she needed to approve our client as a supplier. Leane also attached a list of parts to be quoted by the client.

Getting our foot in the door

We reached out to Nick, a prospective high value target partner, to introduce our POS hardware supplier client. He explained that he usually leaves decisions about hardware up to his VP of Sales or Operations Manager, however, was interested in comparing pricing. While he was not looking to make immediate changes, he suggested reevaluating around November, and asked us to reach out then.

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