Weekly Opportunity Highlights
June 29 – July 3

Weekly Opportunity Highlights <br><small>June 29 – July 3</small>

The economy is on the rebound and so is hope for American business. The latest economic report from MarketWatch saw 224,000 jobs created in the month of June alone, far surpassing the 170,000 forecast by economists. Our hope for American businesses has never wavered and neither has our value in the eyes of our clients. The reason is simple: business growth has a lot more to do with process than it does technique. As job creation continues and the economy picks back up, COACT will remain at the forefront as strategic growth consultants for our clients.

We are built for this.

A new relationship built, continued learning, and an introduction to our client

Our prospect, Tom opened up about his operation, how many people he had, his service area, and his fleet. He mentioned he had never purchased from our client but noted how difficult it can be to find parts on older machines. We introduced Tom to our customer portal, and he agreed to set up a time to learn more about how our portal can support his business operations.

Four new RFQ’s and a new business relationship

We spoke with the materials manager at a leading independent manufacturer and distributor of replacement parts for motor vehicles in the automotive aftermarket industry, who confirmed a few key details for our client. They do outsource machined parts and she asked for more information to pass along to her buyers. A few hours after that phone call, this prospect sent over four different RFQ’s – a new major opportunity for our client!

Emergency Response County EMS Gets a Better Solution for Mobile Computing

Our client was re-connected to an existing partner through an awareness campaign with the intent of promoting a new line of products. The partner was considering a different solution for emergency medical services end-user applications. When presented with this new device, they were blown away and thought it would be a better option for emergency response. The next step is a demonstration of the new product!

Persistence and perfect with a high value target

Rich was a hard person to get a hold of. After several touchpoints into him, our process paid off and we were able to talk more about a potential partnership with his original equipment manufacturing capabilities and our client’s payment peripherals.

A business is relocating and exploring tax incentives for renovating

We connected our client to a prospect who was interesting in selling a portion of his business and relocating a manufacturing facility. The prospect connected us with the buyer who was very interested in exploring tax incentives, our client’s specialty, for renovating both buildings and developing both buildings. A win for everyone!

A new relationship is formed and major bid opportunity realized

A real estate, architecture, engineering, design-build, and construction firm invited our client to bid on a distribution center project they are working on in. The project is an 800,000+ square foot facility and projected to start in the fall of 2020.

Advertising an advertising program pays off

A long-time prospect for our client’s advertising campaign raised his hand to show his interest in an ad placement program, after several marketing waves over the last several months. Timing and budget were right for him and his business and is now interested in moving ahead with the program and is interested in talking pricing.

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