Weekly Opportunity Highlights
A Deep Dive on One Amazing Opportunity and How We Did It

Weekly Opportunity Highlights <br><small>A Deep Dive on One Amazing Opportunity and How We Did It </small>

Every week, we have been on a mission to educate small-mid size businesses (SMBs) across America on the value COACT brings to the market and business growth as a functional specialization. Our mantra is and has always been this: Business growth has a lot more to do with process than it does technique. We are built for this. We believe it with every ounce of our being, and every week we are seeing this come to fruition across our client campaigns. Quality interactions that over time produce meaningful results.

The Variable of Timing

This week, we thought we would share the back story of one really killer opportunity. These are the stories that bring us together, that validate our existence, and encourage us to evangelize our process. It’s almost never overnight (what good things ever are?), but over time we eliminate the variable of timing. Time is one of those funny things. You can have the best product or service available in the market and be reaching out to the best possible prospect – but you can’t know, without having some mind-reading super-human powers, when your prospect has a motivation to buy. Their motivation could be an extreme dissatisfaction in their existing solution or lack of solution, or just new and available capital. Timing is always unpredictable, which is why our process works.

Now About That Killer Opportunity

One of our clients, a robust RMM and service platform, realized a new partnership that takes one of their existing customers from 700 locations to 4,000 in the next 3-4 months, with the potential for 10,000 locations over the next 3-4 years. Those net new locations will leverage the software platform and bring our client additional wallet-share with one of their largest customers. It’s a win/win for all parties involved.

Here’s How We Did It

We worked with our client to identify a target audience profile for organizations they wanted to do business with. We used our resources to build a list of high value targets, we built an integrated sales and marketing campaign, we gathered the troops, and set out for our mission: to learn from our prospects, to create awareness of our solution, and to build relationships with our prospects and stay in constant rhythm with them.

We first reached out to this prospect in June 2019, speaking with his business partner, who was going to pass along the info to our prospect. We followed-up several times over the course of the next two months. We finally were able to connect with this prospect in August of 2019 where we considered this an initial discovery opportunity and passed it on to our client for a further discussion. For the next several months, our client held the relationship however, the timing wasn’t quite right and the prospect “went cold” on them. COACT continued to keep this prospect in our marketing rhythm. This prospect surfaced again through one of our touch points, requesting another demonstration this spring. The timing proved perfect, and the opportunity moved steadily from demo to contract.

The ironic twist is that this prospect had business ties with one of our client’s largest existing customers, which opened the door to discussion on a new service contract that was beneficial for our client, our client’s client, and this prospect-turned-customer.

Why We Do It

This story is the perfect example of our process which is simple in theory but difficult to actually execute. We hear so many times from our newest clients that there is little to no follow-up with current customers or even prospective customers. In the business world, it’s alarming to think about the new business opportunities that get left in the dust because the prospect’s timing didn’t align with the one time a salesman decided to reach out and be intentional. This is a flawed practice. We continue to do what we do because it works. New business opportunities are consistently presented, new relationships formed, new contracts signed, the business grows, market share increases, new jobs are created, and lives are changed. We’re in the business of making things happen.

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