Weekly Opportunity Highlights
July 20 – July 24

Weekly Opportunity Highlights <br><small>July 20 – July 24</small>

Though 2020 has not turned out like anyone expected, there is hope in the energy, drive, and determination of U.S. companies – and their people – to create successful outcomes. COACT is one of those companies. Week after week, we continue to build business growth for our clients by connecting them with strategic opportunities for their sales teams to close. Our integrated approach to business growth builds brand awareness, generates opportunities, and results in long-term prosperity for our clients.

We are built for this.

Building a relationship from discovery to action

We reached out to a valuable decision maker on behalf of our control system and automation engineering client. After leaving a voice mail with the prospect, we received a phone call back – and the prospect was already viewing the client’s website and was complimentary of our experience and background. The prospect was excited to move forward with a quote and reached out to the client directly to discuss project needs in detail.

Perfect Timing for exploring tax incentives

Our prospect, Julie, opened up about her company’s needs for reliable and thorough consulting work. She said that they are currently unhappy with their current partner, and that she and their CEO are actively looking for a firm to dig deeper into tax incentives for them. Julie arranged a call for her CEO and our clients’ team to connect and discuss partnership.

Opportunity for better connectivity and service

Our client was connecting to a potential new customer with the goal of introducing their new high-speed fiber internet route. The prospect relayed that he was not thrilled with his current provider and would be open to learning more about the clients’ new fiber route and what a quote for service would look like.

One opportunity, then another, and then another

Cody has been a difficult contact to get ahold of, as he is a decision maker at a large manufacturing facility. However, after receiving multiple calls and marketing touchpoints from our mechanical contracting client, Cory reached out regarding a new project that he would like our client to quote.  

Later that day, Cody reached out again, and asked for support on multiple other projects that came up that day that needed quoting as soon as possible. Cody asked if our client could send out a team to review the projects. Now that’s the power of persistence!

Reconnecting with past partners to open new doors

We connected with a past partner of a point-of-sale client. The prospect had used our clients’ technology for years prior and is looking for both a kiosk and terminal POS solution for a new chain of 4,500 locations. The client will be connecting with the prospect to provide more information and close the deal!

Successful startup looking for economic development

Sam reached out via email and asked for an introductory call. We introduced our client’s economic development consulting work and learned that Sam runs a successful and quickly-expanding startup in our clients’ key geographical area. Sam is curious to learn how our client can provide specific options for his business, and we set up a discovery call with the client’s team so that Sam can learn more.

Refining key opportunities with high value targets

A prospect replied to an email outreach from one of our engineering clients. The prospect already knew of the client’s team and their capabilities and provided detailed information regarding what his company is doing in the oil and gas industry, and how our client can assist to meet their needs. The next step is connecting the client with this key prospect to set up an introductory call!

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