Weekly Opportunity Highlights
May 25 – May 29

Weekly Opportunity Highlights <br><small>May 25 – May 29</small>

We are built for this.

Healthy New Product Launch

We contacted the vice-president of a leading provider of medical supplies and equipment, based in Canada. We are promoting a new healthcare product that one of our long-standing clients has developed. The prospect is very interested and has agreed to a discovery call to talk about their needs.

Tech Talk

A wireless telecommunications provider in Virginia was contacted on behalf of one of our national technology clients. After a brief conversation about fiber-optic cabling to towers and questioning about the network footprint, the prospect sent over a site map for reference. A meeting is scheduled for our client to learn more about the technical aspects of the need and match a solution.


With one of our technology clients, we have initiated a significant campaign to reconnect past customers. Many have fallen off the radar. This opportunity is with a past customer that our client already has an NDA with. We made contact to thank them for their past trust and asked if we could be considered on future work. Simply stated, the contact thanked us for being in touch and has agreed to begin the process of exchanging information on upcoming projects.

Earth Moving

One of our AEC specialty contractor clients has asked COACT to develop and nurture relationships with general contractors in their market segment. Our team has positioned a new powerhouse project that is a tight fit strategically. From demolition, and excavation to concrete, site utilities, paved drive and fencing, and all the mechanicals, including a large above-ground fuel storage tank. Our client is now submitting a bid to win this work.

Fits the Mold

A California manufacturer is interested in the capabilities of one of our professional service clients. The dialogue was deeply engaging. Questions about deliverables and pricing led to an exchange of information and commitment to an introduction meeting, which was scheduled. Strategically this prospect is a perfect fit.  

F500 Friends

One of our metal fabrication clients worked for a Fortune 500 company nearly 20-years ago. Our team contacted a high-value target and with some research identified the decision-maker. As our business development specialist was introducing our client it became evident that they knew each other when they worked together at the F500. Needless to say, it was a friendly reunion that is now a customer and supplier relationship.

Sterile Environment

We are building awareness in facilities that require sterile environments for one of our consulting engineering clients. We had a recent conversation with a Kansas City manufacturer who is looking for a study that our client is uniquely qualified to complete. They are accustomed to outsourcing these studies. An introduction meeting was arranged for our client to learn more about the environment and share their experience.

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