Weekly Opportunity Highlights
June 15 – June 19

Weekly Opportunity Highlights <br><small>June 15 – June 19</small>

We are built for this.

Hard Work Pays Off

COACT received an email requesting a quote on a 13-part package. We identified this firm as a high-value target, in January. They have 23 locations. It was challenging, but we profiled their buying system to identify key decision-makers and support for our client solution. In May, we were finally able to connect with a buying influence (Coach) who directed us to the ultimate decision-maker. This should be a big win for our metal fabrication client!

Onshore Availability

Tom was very price-focused and definitely a technical buyer. He asked about pricing for one of our client’s new designs and wanted to know what type of processor it had. I let him know ballpark pricing and gave him technical specifications. He shared that he is still purchasing from China but is deeply concerned about lead times. He anticipates that this will remain an issue long-term. He would like to set a time to discuss and consider alternatives. He is motivated to make a change in the coming days. I offered to send more information to him to review. I am scheduling a meeting with our sales manager, after confirming his email address. He thanked me for my call, and I let him know I would follow up with him.

“Winning” New Partnership

Keith from IT joined our webinar last Friday. The manager asked him to join because she dislikes their legacy devices. They use software which is compatible with our product line. Keith called us after the webinar and had an immediate need for 5 devices. The installation of these devices will serve as a pilot. If all goes as planned, this will be a major prospect conversion.

Open to Change

Contacted James to reconnect and introduce our hardware solutions.  He said he is still purchasing devices from two other suppliers. They buy some direct and some through distribution. He currently uses an iPad for mobility but is looking to make a change. He is interested in reviewing our specifications and pricing.  I confirmed his email address and let him know I would send information over to him. I also let him know about our 30-day trial demo offer. He said he has time now and that he’d like to check it out. I have made all the arrangements for a demo and follow up.

Plans to Expand

We met with Brian and Tammy onsite at Fabtech 2019 in Chicago. They informed us they are looking at acquiring some manufacturing space in Houston and want help in the US market. I learned that Brian’s family owns multiple companies internationally. Two other commonly owned companies have had a presence in India and other countries for more than 30 years according to Tammy. They are having some issues with fitting their welding equipment to US measurements. Tammy is looking forward to having a joint call with our client’s founder/president.

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