Weekly Opportunity Highlights
June 1 – June 5

Weekly Opportunity Highlights <br><small>June 1 – June 5</small>

Another week of reopening parks and businesses, of warmer weather, sunny skies, and people getting outside to have some fun again. As we continue to reevaluate social distancing guidelines and refrain from face-to-face meetings and handshakes, the COACT team has continued to create lasting and meaningful opportunities from a distance. Our team of business development and marketing professionals has more than made up for this distance by prospecting, pre-qualifying, and positioning strategic business opportunities for our clients – one quality interaction at a time.

We are built for this.

Perfect Timing

A global chemical company based in Ohio was contacted on behalf of one of our mechanical contracting clients. The prospect has been looking for a contractor to support the replacement of their facility’s outdated sprinkler system and other piping throughout the plant. We provided more information on our client’s capabilities, and the prospect said that the timing was perfect for the urgency of their needs. A meeting has been arranged to determine scope of work and to propose a solution, likely in the $1 million range.

Finding Pain Points

Our team reached out to a point of sale provider with over 350 locations, on behalf of one of our technology clients. After a thorough conversation regarding the prospect’s current technology systems, we learned that their team is looking for improved pricing, functionality, and support. This west coast VAR is is scheduled for our client to demo their solution and discuss pricing to ease the prospect’s concerns, improving their operational efficiencies.

Relationships Built to Last

One of our metal fabrication clients received an opportunity with a well-known American aerospace manufacturer. Since the time our team engaged with the prospect and built the initial interest, our client has met four times with the prospect to facilitate and build a robust solution. COACT support our client throughout this process by keeping active follow-up with the prospect to move the relationship through the sales funnel.

Competitive Advantage

On behalf of one of our consulting engineering clients, we contacted the manager of engineering at a world-wide manufacturing supplier, in the pharmaceutical industry. After learning about the prospect’s critical needs and if they outsource engineering services, our team showcased our client’s competitive differentiators. The prospect is interested in learning more, and a meeting is scheduled for next week with our client’s local project lead to discuss the prospect’s needs.

Always Learning

A client in the technology space has recently launched an innovative new product that COACT is strategically promoting. Through integrated business development and marketing outreach, our team has learned key market trends and generated an opportunity with the finance manager of a large industrial filtration systems manufacturer in the south. A meeting is scheduled for our client to introduce their product and discuss the prospect’s needs.

Long-Term Gains

The operations manager of a medical supply distributor reached out to one of our healthcare clients with the goal of purchasing medical supplies for nursing homes and home health agencies. While our client’s inventories for certain medical supplies are low due to increased demand, our COACT team facilitated a discussion on future purchasing options as inventory becomes more available throughout the rest of the year.

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