Weekly Opportunity Highlights
May 4 – May 8

Weekly Opportunity Highlights <br><small>May 4 – May 8</small>

Work from home, social distancing. Even if you are ready for face-to-face meetings, decision-makers at your customers and prospects may not be.

COACT specializes in relationship development and management systems. Our team of business development and marketing professionals are experts at prospecting, pre-qualifying, and positioning strategic business opportunities for our clients – one quality interaction at a time.

The struggle is real. Now more than ever, it is critical that your high-value targets are made aware of the value you deliver to the market.

We can help. Here is a sample of strategic opportunities we delivered to our clients, last week.

We are built for this.

Onshoring Supply Chain

A manufacturer responded to our integrated business development and marketing outreach. They are strategically pursuing onshoring much of their supply chain.

The email response to our messaging, “Hello Liz. Thanks for reaching out. We outsource between $300k and $800k worth of fabricated components business every year, almost exclusively to offshore vendors, and would welcome the opportunity to work with US-based vendors to support our needs. Attached, please see a list of fabricated parts for a program that we are working on, and quote pricing and lead time. Once we assess your pricing, capability, and delivery, we will initiate our supplier qualification process.”

Machine Parts in Demand

One of our clients, a precision machine parts operation received eight new opportunities, last week alone. Opportunities range from new partnership qualification acceptance to several RFQ’s for parts from various other manufacturing targets.

“I would like a quote for 7,500 switch knob parts.”

“Thanks for getting in touch. I’m open to chat. We do use outsourced partners for certain components on the systems we supply to our customers. The type of equipment you guys have intrigues me. I’d also be happy to answer any questions you have about our usage, as well. I’d like to learn more and determine if you may be a fit to help us.”

Funded Capital Project

A mechanical contractor client of COACT received a new opportunity to bid on a funded project. The decision-maker invited our client to bid after we arranged an introduction discovery call. The discovery call was very useful, helping the prospect understand our client’s experience and capabilities.

“Spoke with John. This was a direct line to him. I let him know we are open and had working capacity. After asking how we could help him, he mentioned they are working on a renovation with a company in Indiana. They are sending out bid requests next week and he would like for us to be included. I let him know that I would have Doug reach out for further details.”

Software Solution

A COACT client, a multi-national enterprise software conglomerate with a strategic campaign to focus on one line of products and services saw five new opportunities.

“I called for Don, ended up speaking with Anthony. He let me know that he makes the decisions on this side of the business. Anthony explained to me that the group has been using the same supplier for 20-30 years. Not too long ago, he attended a conference where we exhibited, and our products struck his interest. He is open to doing the research, learning more. He said he was going through some of that research right now. He agreed to have a rep follow up with him, I made mention of our work in his area and our free tool kits. He gave me his contact information, and I added into our CRM.”

Year-End Close-Out

An accounting services firm client sees an opportunity come through with a long-time prospect after a regular frequency of proactive touchpoints and interactions.

“He last spoke to Justin back in November around Thanksgiving time. At the time, he was extremely busy. Today, he said I caught him at a good time. He has new projects starting up and would love to talk to Justin more and see what we can put together. I have a meeting set and confirmed for next week.”

Networking Timed Right

A fiber network organization sees an old opportunity come to life after the COACT process brings back relevance and removes the variable of timing.

“She spoke to us a couple of months ago when she was at her previous job. She is now wanting to touch base with us and explore the possibilities of working together. Meeting set up for next week.”

NCR Alternative

One of our longstanding POS clients is now positioned to supply a major VAR.

“Spoke with Brian and learned they are embedded with NCR. He shared they are actually in the process of looking for alternatives in certain applications. Asked me to send over information for him to review. Is interested in meeting with our technical salesperson week after next.”

The Decider

Another POS client of COACT is reintroduced to a strategic decision-maker.

“Spoke with John this morning, he is familiar with us and has recalled some previous conversations with our team. He confirmed he is responsible for decisions on partnerships and vendors. I let him know about our peripherals and PCI updates. He is very interested to learn more. He asked me to send him additional information and that he would share with his cooperating managers. I have arranged a meeting with our Southwest Sales Manager.”

New Machine Shop Qualified

One of our specialty machine shop clients is now an approved vendor to an automotive supplier.

“Chelsea responded to our outreach. They are interested in adding a new machine shop to their supplier list. She had very specific details on the type of metal and other specifications they are looking for in a supplier. They source a high mix of parts in volumes of 25-100. I arranged a discovery call that led to a successful engagement. They seem like an excellent fit.”

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