Weekly Opportunity Highlights
May 18 – May 22

Weekly Opportunity Highlights <br><small>May 18 – May 22</small>

COACT works. Our process approach to strategic growth is helping our clients develop and maintain meaningful relationships, reducing uncertainty and improving confidence in the market. 

Timing is everything. Our model eliminates the variable of timing, through proactive, quality interactions that over time build trusting relationships. 

Take a moment to review a summary of our successes this past week. Also, check out what our clients say about their work with COACT.

We are built for this.

Get Physical

One of our technology clients delivers a unique solution to organizations that sponsor or run sports camps or host major sporting events. This week we positioned them with the Assistant Athletic Director with a D1 university who has an upcoming event and is interested in their solution. An introduction discovery call has been arranged to learn more and discuss potential next steps.

Something New

A major supplier of construction equipment engaged COACT to develop a new geographic market for the opening of a new facility. A major asphalt and concrete firm expressed a need for accessories and is also interested in learning more about the new facility and equipment offerings of our client. We are arranging a meeting with the general manager for next week.

By Design

A community-based wireless and telecom network supplier has been working with us to improve their marketing quality and outreach, while our business development specialists contact customers and prospects, introducing new services and offering support. COACT arranged a meeting with a satisfied current customer, a marketing design firm, who is interested in upgrading telecom equipment and internet speeds.

Another prospect is interested in a fiber solution that services their business. Until our call, he was unsure that the latest technology was available in his market. They are very satisfied, based on experience from their other facility. A meeting was arranged to discuss next steps.

Surgical Precision

One of our clients, a professional service provider to the life sciences market segment, is interested in attracting various projects that are technical studies required by the Food and Drug Administration. A supplier of surgical supplies has had several subject studies completed recently by competitors and is not satisfied with the quality of the work. They are preparing new product launches and need these studies to be correct and of the highest quality. After a rather detailed conversation about our capabilities and expertise, a technical meeting was arranged. Precision in our target list and value proposition communication will likely lead to a long-term client.

What’s the Point?

A significant technology, point-of-sale reseller was contacted by our team. After a description of what our software-as-a-service client provides, the owner was motivated to make a change within the next 2-weeks. We arranged a meeting for our client to meet with the reseller to discuss the process of onboarding over 125 locations.

Manifold Success

As a result of our outreach, one of our long-standing precision machine clients, received a request to quote on four different hydraulic manifold parts. Since 1945, the prospect has manufactured custom equipment. A worldwide supplier, they are very interested in establishing a long-term relationship with our client-supplier.

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