Are You a Party Legend or a Party Pooper? – Laying the Groundwork for Brand Visibility

Are You a Party Legend or a Party Pooper? – Laying the Groundwork for Brand Visibility

When you look at the accomplishments of man and how far we’ve come in the ways of technology, it’s pretty astounding. Just look at our advancements in human communication.

In 1836, the first Morse code machine was invented. Then came the first telephone in 1876, the first radio in 1895, the first electronic television in 1927, the first programmable computer in 1946, the first home computer in 1977, and of course, the first “network of networks” in the late 1980s, which became the World Wide Web available to the public in the early ’90s.

Today, we essentially have all these massive communication “firsts” boiled down into the power of one, small handheld mobile device. The power of the internet paired with connected apps and the Internet of Things (IoT) – yes, I think you would agree we are living in the most connected era of all time.

I paint this picture of communication history for three reasons:

1) Because it gives us perspective

2) Because for any business to be relevant, they must adapt and thrive in the environment they are in

3) Because to thrive in your environment, you must be visible to your audience

The Data is in: Mobility on the Rise

Well, folks, the data is in, and let’s face it: people are on their mobile devices. Don’t deny it – yes, even in the B2B world during the 9 AM to 5 PM grind, the statistics are rising.

Just think about that work meeting you were just in; literally everyone had their mobile device within hand’s reach, ready to pounce at any hinting of a question where it could be answered with a quick search, reference of an email, or app login. Mobility is on the rise, and there is no stopping it.

Did you know people spend an average of 300 minutes per day on their mobile devices?

Flurry Analytics Chart US Daily Mobile Time Spent

Source: Flurry Analytics

Even more astounding is that only 8% of that overall time spent is in the browser; that leaves a shocking 92% of that overall time spent in apps.

Flurry Analytics US Time Spent by App Category Chart

Source: Flurry Analytics

Facebook alone holds 19% of the in-app time.

Here are a few more social stats to chew on.

Source: Hootsuite and We Are Social

Did you know that 61% of the North American population is accessing mobile social accounts? That is roughly 221 million social media users in North America – the 5thlargest region for accounts by population.

These are not statistics to sneeze at; it’s just where your audience is, like it or not.

Two Basic Points

What we have experienced over the last 10-15 years is a massive culture shift. People are more connected than ever to:

1) Any answer they need within seconds via Google search and the SERPs (search engine results pages).

2) The connectedness of people (and brands) through social apps and overall technology.

So, Let’s Chat about Brand Visibility

It’s nothing you haven’t heard before; companies use their brands to differentiate themselves.

Not exclusively by their logo, color scheme, or website, but also by their personality and tone of voice and how efficient, progressive, ethical, and socially conscious they are.

I’ve said it before, but I believe the best brands are incredibly human. On that same sentiment, I like to think about brand visibility as being analogous to a party.

(To clarify: not a political party, but a good, old-fashioned social party, aperitifs, mixed drinks, good music, great company, and all.)

Companies spend so much time (and rightfully so) on their visual identity. It’s kind of like getting “dressed up.” You know how before you go to dinner, or that party, you spend a little time to shower, select your outfit, etc.? You want to represent your best “you,” and likewise, so do the best brands.

[Editor’s note: If your brand is showing up to the party looking like a washed-up cat, we might want to have a side conversation.]

Visibility Party Matrix

Consider this matrix of Visibility Party Invites:

COACT Visibility Matrix

There are 4 types of Visibility Party Invites:

1) Imagine if you went to the party, looking good and feeling good, but didn’t actively participate in the conversations being held – and in fact, was actually found hiding in a dark corner, trying to blend in with the wallpaper. You see, you can be at the party but not engaged, present but not participating. In my opinion, this is a Party Loser.

2) Alternatively, you can be at the party mingling, laughing, sharing stories, and acknowledging others. High visibility, great participation – this is a Party Legend.

3) Or maybe you didn’t even show up because you decided it was better to stay home, where it was safe and comfortable. This is a Party Pooper.

4) Maybe you weren’t at the party because you didn’t prioritize it but are still trying to engage with those at the party. They aren’t really that receptive and have somewhat moved on from your quick phone call. Without your actual attendance, other party guests have moved on. This is a missed opportunity, and you are a Party Wannabe.

Which One Are You?

So, what are you doing to be found or visible where your audience is? Are you going to the party?

If someone Googled some long-tail keyword or question that relates to your product or service, are you showing up in search results?

Are you actively participating and engaging with others on social media, drawing them back to your website to get more of your brand?

Are you consistently and effectively reaching out through various platforms?

To be present at the visibility party requires investment and active participation.

After all, inactivity is the enemy of results.

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