Follow These 8 Sales and Marketing Blogs, and Your Life Will Never be the Same

Follow These 8 Sales and Marketing Blogs, and Your Life Will Never be the Same

In the uber fast-paced world of sales and marketing, things change so quickly that knowledge can’t remain static.

You can’t just rely on business classes you took in college; you have to be continuously learning to remain ahead of the curve and stay relevant to your audience, whether B2B or B2C.

What’s great is that learning today is easier than ever. From podcasts to webinars to videos to free ebooks, the internet is ripe with great content for the picking to educate yourself on any topic.

I don’t know about you, but blogs are my preferred learning methods. If they’re your jam, too, here are eight sales and marketing blogs that I read regularly to keep updated on industry trends, get new ideas, and learn new tricks and tools of the trade.

Sales Blogs

1) LinkedIn Sales Solutions

LinkedIn Sales Solutions

It’s no secret that LinkedIn has become one of the best platforms around for sales, but it’s also great for learning. Besides hundreds of courses available through LinkedIn Learning (formerly, LinkedIn also has a few key publications that I love.

LinkedIn Sales Solutions is one of them.

With a focus on sales strategy and social selling tips, they publish regularly on relevant topics like how you can optimize your LinkedIn profile to engage buyers and overcoming psychological barriers to closing sales. I regularly check this site for sales tips and advice and have found their advice to be very helpful.

2) HubSpot Sales Blog

HubSpot Marketing Blog

I’m a huge fan of all of HubSpot’s marketing materials (read: awesome free stuff), so it’s not shocking that I love their sales blog. I started subscribing to this blog when I was new to sales and found it to be just the resource I was looking for: fresh, succinct, to the point, and full of real-world advice.

Whether you’re wondering scratching your head trying to find ways to overcome dreaded objections like “It costs too much” or want some great alternatives to the “Just checking in” email, HubSpot’s sales blog is a fantastic resource for today’s sales.

3) SalesFolk Blog

SalesFolk Blog

The outbound sales email firm SalesFolk is unique in that they’re brutally honest in an industry that’s full of fluff. (See their Cold Email Hall of Shame as the perfect example.)

I love any content they publish because they tell you like it is, and even if it’s advice you don’t want to hear, it’s advice that you need to hear. In their blog, they cover topics like the three things you should do to start meaningful conversations in cold emails and how to turn features into benefits.

A bonus resource: if you like the content on SalesFolk’s blog, check out more articles related to sales and marketing by SalesFolk CEO Heather R Morgan at

4) LeadIQ Blog

LeadIQ Blog

If you’re a BDR, SDR, or involved in prospecting in any way, LeadIQ’s blog will soon become your new best friend. LeadIQ constantly churns out hilarious, irreverent, and resourceful content in multiple formats – especially videos – and has changed the way I think about and go about doing sales.

Check out three of my recent favorite blog posts to get an idea:

  1. How to Make Sales Videos That Don’t Suck
  2. Overcoming Prospecting Paralysis Using Trigger Events
  3. 5 Great Prospecting Examples That Actually Worked


Marketing Blogs

1) HubSpot Marketing Blog

HubSpot Sales Blog

Since I already told you I’m a raving HubSpot fan, you probably aren’t shocked to see their marketing blog listed here. But just like their sales blog, HubSpot’s marketing blog is chockfull of everything you need to know about marketing.

I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that 75% of everything I’ve learned about marketing came from this blog.

This is a great resource for topics such as SEO tools, social media in light of the new Facebook algorithm, and making infographics in under an hour (spoil alert: it is possible).

2) Content Marketing Institute Blog

Content Marketing Institute Blog

After HubSpot, Content Marketing Institute is my #2 favorite resource for all things marketing. If you want to learn almost anything about marketing – from video marketing to writing a content strategy to making a plan for social media – their blog is the place to visit.

CMI publishes almost every day, offering advice, examples, guides, and food for thought about many industry topics and categories. And their blog is just the tip of the iceberg; on their site, you can access tons of other free resources, including e-bookspodcasts, and custom research.

3) Enchanting Marketing Blog

Enchanting Marketing Blog

Have you ever felt delighted by an author? Inspired? Uplifted? Those are just some of the emotions that Henneke Duistermaat, the owner of Enchanting Marketing Ltd., evokes with her content.

Her blog is one of the best resources for copywriting and content marketing I’ve ever run across (and believe me: as a constant researcher/Googler, I’ve read a lot of blogs).

See for yourself by reading four of her most popular blog posts:

  1. 7 Copywriting Techniques That Everyone in Business Must Know
  2. Write Like a Human: 5 Techniques to Engage, Touch, and Energize Your Readers
  3. 172+ Magic Words: How to Write Persuasive Business Content (As Proven By Science)
  4. 29-Point Blog Post Checklist: How to Seduce Your Readers to Buy

4) The Content Strategist (Contently)

The Content Strategist

Besides being visually pleasing (you have to admit it: this blog is pretty to look at), the contact marketing company Contently’s blog, the Content Strategist, has compelling, relevant content covering a wide array of topics.

Whether delving into why content marketing isn’t a marathon, but a relay racethe drive to grow vs. the drive to serve, or free content analytics tools, the Content Strategist is another excellent blog to follow or subscribe to in order to keep learning about marketing.

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