2017 New Year’s Resolutions – From the Desk of an Executive

By: Jennifer Nietz
2017 New Year’s Resolutions –  From the Desk of an Executive

I have never been big on resolutions, and I have never really set any personal resolutions for myself.  As I was reflecting on 2016 over the holidays and considering 2017, I found myself asking, Why? Sustainability! I like activities, hobbies, and processes that can be sustained over long periods of time.  There is also another element that interest me – I want sustained personal benefit.

So, as I was thinking about 2017, and instead of resolutions, I thought about personal improvements that I could make for myself to be a better leader, coworker, mother, and wife.  As I was preparing my thoughts, I thought they would be great to share with my network as well.  Long-term, sustainable goals that would bring me sustainable benefit.  I hope at least one of these will also help you think about ways you can transform, change, and set goals for yourself to be better in 2017.

  • Learning – EVERY DAY. Not one time, not just one book, but a personal learning program. We lead busy lives, so this is hard. As a mom of two, there are days that finding time just to sit on the couch are only for the story books.  However, 2017 will be different.  It’s about an established process or personal learning program.  For instance, a book a month.  Having three lined up to go so they are there and waiting for you.  Also, daily learning; what is one resource you can go to daily, that you trust, that will allow you to stay informed on the world around us? Finally, I think you need an element of formalized learning.  Learning that is taught by someone else.   Is it a webinar series, workshop, one-week off-site training, or conference?  Outside learning will provide you a different prospective.
  • Professional Networking. Ahh, yes, the dreaded word for an introvert – Yep, that is exactly why it made my list.  When I was planning this year, my president requested that I come up with two personal goals.  One of mine was attending a conference and the other was joining a local board.  Both are because of my personal resolution to incorporate more networking into my life.  And since resolutions often aren’t sustained, I am forcing myself into a networking rhythm.  I am seeking a board role so I will have an ongoing opportunity to network on a timed, consistent basis that will help me to build my skills of working with others outside of COACT on something that I am passionate about.  Board meetings or joining a group that has set meetings forces ongoing sustainability.
  • Focus on me. Yes, this year I am going to focus on me. When you are a better you, you are also better to those around you.  A couple of the rhythms I have set up that will allow me to work on me are as follows:
  • Joining a workout group: I having joined a kickboxing club. Again, held at set times throughout the week that you can create a schedule around.  When you are part of a group, others hold you accountable as well.
  • Technology free times: I have decided that no one, repeat NO ONE, needs 24 access to their email. Businesses operated for hundreds of years without email and without smart phones.  So, for 2-3 hours every night of putting my smart phone down won’t hurt anything and allow me to be a better mother and wife.
  • Organization: Personal organization. Essentially getting those check list items, checked! Get stuff done and get things uncluttered.

Finally, the last little piece I leave you with.  Write your plans down.  Write them down, and carry with you or have in line of sight.  You will then be more likely to follow and fulfill them.

I look forward to connecting with you now that it’s 2017!

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Jennifer Nietz
Vice President
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