Innovation from Within – Career Pathing

By: Jennifer Nietz
Innovation from Within – Career Pathing

This month’s innovation piece is specifically directed around an important innovation we are bringing to COACT in 2017.  You may have heard of the idea around Career Pathing.  So what is it?  As Natalie Born pointed out in an article about this topic on LinkedIn, Career Pathing is described as a road you travel with clear milestones or destinations along the way.

In 2017, COACT is launching our own Career Pathing program titled COACT Stepping Stones.  This new program is designed to help our most valued assets—our people—see a clear path for career progression.  It’s a self-directed program that is not mandated but provides those that are looking for a chance to explore their passions and expand their capabilities into other roles with the opportunity to do so.

I have learned a lot throughout this process and think there are three key things to consider when developing your own Career Pathing program:

  • Learning – Career Pathing programs have a large learning element. Training and development is the largest area of concern for those in the inside sales industry.  Develop learning initiatives that you can provide your employees that are taught both internally and externally. As the associate progresses in your program and show commitment, invest more in the type of training.  Consider certifications that are valued in your industry.
  • Performance – Every program should have a clear set of metrics that the associate can achieve. They should be stretch metrics, so those performing at the top can succeed and advance their careers at a quicker rate.  A robust performance system really allows those individuals with high aspirations to shine!
  • Transparency – What does progression mean? Be transparent in what they will get back.  Are they receiving a title change? Additional bonus? Salary change?  There is a lot you will be expecting from your team as they move through this challenging process, so be clear on what they will get in return. Furthermore, being transparent gives them the opportunity to not only see what they will get now, but also in the future.

Having researched and studied other career pathing programs, I have come to determination that every organization should start to consider this for their employees.  The newest generation of workers craves for these paths to progression with a key set of deliverables and metrics they need to achieve.

Having advancement opportunities is great, but how do your most valued assets get there? And how do they move there quickly?  Reimagine your two- to five-year advancement opportunity you currently provide. What can they do before that to showcase their talent and skill to advance?

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Jennifer Nietz
Vice President
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