Remember… Don’t Give Up What You Want Most for What You Want Now

Remember… Don’t Give Up What You Want Most for What You Want Now

Think of the last time you set a goal for yourself or your company.

You set your strategy. You set benchmarks.  You had everything in place in order to achieve that ultimate goal. Nothing could keep you from getting to where you wanted to be, and what you knew was best for you or best for your company.

Then it happened.  A shiny distraction for instant gratification got in your way. You jumped on the fast opportunity and forgot about your bigger goal for personal or business growth, and you ended up having to go back to square one once the quick and easy opportunity ran out of gas.

It wasted valuable time and money for a quick return, but not a long-term or lasting return.

It seems that in today’s day and age of instant gratification, we often forget to keep our eyes and minds on what we are really working towards. It is an easy thing to become distracted by that shiny new golden nugget in order to earn that quick satisfaction.

In life, we want to find that quick happiness that we didn’t really have to work for, and in business, we want to find those quick opportunities to give us instant ROI.

In reality, those opportunities don’t have the staying power to give you or your business long-term happiness and satisfaction.

At COACT, we work to provide a strategy to reach those long-term goals you are striving for. When starting out our work with clients, one of our biggest objectives is to make sure we all understand what we are working towards.

Do you need four or five major clients to work with that will make up a majority of your business, or are you looking for a larger list of customers that can give you a steady flow of quotes and opportunities to sustain your business? How can you reach your business growth goals?

We need to be on the same page, and it is up to us to keep all parties focused on the objectives we are trying to reach together.

It is our job at COACT to be the strong and steady support to keep our campaigns on track, and use not only the quick successes, but continue to build the necessary relationships and partnerships to help you reach your ultimate business growth goals and objectives.

As in life, you need to find the support to help you reach those ultimate goals that will lead you to that endless happiness.

Whether through friends, family, relationships, or positioning yourself in the right career or right market, you need to set goals and objectives for yourself and align your actions to succeed.

Don’t give up what you want most for what you want now.  Keep strong, keep focused, and give yourself constant reminders of where you want to be.

Don’t let anything get in your way – and celebrate like hell when you get there!

*Note: This article was originally published in August 2013 and has been updated and revised for relevance.  

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