Ryan Miller

Creative Manager
Ryan Miller

Ryan is a Creative Manager at COACT. Born and raised in Toledo, Ohio, Ryan moved to Columbus to attend the Columbus College of Art and Design. There he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts, majoring in graphic design and minoring in photography/media studies. Ryan has worked in a variety of different industries from the outdoors, to women’s boutique items.

Ryan is passionate about many things including guitars, design, reading, music, cooking, photography, woodworking, the outdoors, games, movies, motorcycles, illustration, animals and learning anything and everything interesting. Ryan is focused, inquisitive, often quiet, but always humorous and kind to those around him. Ryan’s favorite thing about COACT is how they managed to hire so many open minded and down to earth people in one place.

My favorite dessert:
Ice-cream; milk’s greatest achievement
My first pet:
A black, Cairn Terrier I named “Oggy”. I was in diapers, cut me some slack
One random fact:
I enjoy motorcycles and my nice, easy ride to work every morning, but they aren’t without their complications. They’re expensive, time consuming, dangerous due to other drivers, but completely, and unequivocally worth the hassle. Plus I use less gas, have fewer emissions, and take up less space on the road easing up on traffic congestion