Richie Gibson

Senior Business Development Specialist
Richie Gibson

Charles Richard Gibson, also known as “Richie,” was born in Atlanta, Georgia. He studied at The University of Toledo, focusing on Marketing and Professional Sales.

As a Business Development Specialist at COACT, he works on increasing sales and marketing for our clients. Richie is direct, outgoing, goal oriented, and has a passion for big data. He loves to help his peers accomplish great goals, which means success for everyone involved. His favorite thing about COACT is the unmatched culture.

In his spare time, Richie tends to be either really active or really chill.  He enjoys snowboarding, hikes, guitars, poker, beaches, travel, and spending time with friends.  On the chill side, he can be found floating in the pool or watching movie or football.

What is a nickname you have been given, and why? CRG3PO because I closed business like a machine! And my initials are CRG.

What is your favorite ride at the amusement park? Roller coaster…front seat only!

What is your favorite hobby? I love poker.