Michelle Philippon

Content Writer
Michelle Philippon

As a Content Writer at COACT, Michelle conducts market research, optimizes everything for SEO, debates the efficacy of the Oxford comma, drinks a ton of coffee, and… oh, yeah… writes. A lot.

Michelle grew up in New Jersey, Florida, and Ohio before moving to Grand Rapids, Michigan, to attend Cornerstone University, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature with a minor in International Business. Afterwards, she worked in the government, nonprofit, and retail sectors, primarily in West Michigan. She also spent a year abroad as an English teacher at an elementary school in Madrid, Spain.

Outside of work, Michelle likes hiking, reading, traveling, watching TV, socializing, and perfecting her fluency in sarcasm.

Her favorite thing about COACT is its a truly revolutionary way of approaching sales and marketing. She believes that the way COACT conducts research, develops campaign plans, and executes a sales strategy is incredibly effective for its clients.

The TV show I can’t miss:
Law & Order: SVU
The best place I’ve traveled:
Sintra, Portugal
My favorite dessert:
Ice cream