Lauren Schweitzer

Business Development Specialist
Lauren Schweitzer

I was born and raised in Macomb, Michigan which is about 35 minutes north of Detroit. But I usually just tell people I’m from Detroit because that’s way easier. I went to Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, Michigan and graduated in 2021 with my degree in General Management. I’m very passionate about living a fulfilling life and never taking anything for granted. I am always taking every chance I get to hang out with my friends, go to a concert or sports event, travel, or just enjoy a night in; if it brings me or those around me happiness, I’m there. I consider myself to be optimistic, honest, genuine, and fun. I will take any opportunity to laugh with my friends, and I love finding the humor and bright side in any situation. I love many things about COACT, specifically the positive and encouraging atmosphere; I feel like I’m working with my friends every day. The provided snacks and the fact that I can wear all my favorite hoodies every day are nice perks too! 

Have you ever won a trophy and for what?

I didn’t necessarily win a trophy, but I did win the superlative award for “Biggest Scrub” in high school because I wore sweatpants basically every day. I love my comfy clothes!

The TV show I can’t miss 

I could watch That 70’s Show every day for the rest of my life. I have binge watched it so many times and I will never skip past it if they’re playing reruns on TV. Every character is gold!

My favorite ride at the amusement park

My all-time favorite ride ever is the Maverick at Cedar Point! Nothing will ever top it and I will wait for hours just for that one ride.

Lauren Schweitzer