Kyle Sustaita

Business Development Specialist
Kyle Sustaita

Kyle was born in Sandusky, Ohio but was raised in rural Delta, Ohio. He graduated from the University of Toledo in 2021 where he received his Bachelor of Business Administration with a focus in Professional Sales and a minor in Marketing. He is passionate about traveling across the United States and all around the world. He loves to immerse himself in different cultures, traditions, arts, and foods. His personality type is influence and dominance (ID). His favorite thing about COACT is the fact that he gets to be involved with start-up companies as well as participate in other business functions that are not just sales.


If a genie offered me one wish

I would ask the genie to give all my immediate family their own brand-new house.

The TV show I can’t miss

The T.V show I just cannot miss is anything Game of Thrones related.

My worst habit

I have a bad habit of misplacing certain items. I have been known to leave the tv remote in the freezer at time.

Kyle Sustaita