Hannah Rafeld

Frontend Web Developer
Hannah Rafeld

Hannah is from Delaware, Ohio. She moved to Bowling Green, Ohio to attend Bowling Green State University where she got her Bachelors of Science in Web Development. Hannah is passionate about many things such as videos games, movies, cooking, hiking, and spending time outdoors. Hannah is kind, funny, and focused on whatever tasks are in front of her.  Her favorite thing about COACT is how everyone is super kind and friendly and makes it fun to come to work everyday.

If a genie offered me one wish

I would travel around the world and visit all the different countries and the unique things they each have!

The TV show I can’t miss

I love Modern Family, it’s my favorite show to watch anytime of day. I can rewatch the episodes over and over again and it still remains funny to me.

One random fact about yourself

I have been kayaking in an abandon mine in Kentucky.


Hannah Rafeld