Eric Banachowski

Business Development Specialist
Eric Banachowski

Eric was born and raised right here in Toledo, Ohio, and attended Ohio University in Athens. He double-majored in Marketing and Finance during his five years at the best school in Ohio.  Eric loves communicating and networking, but also enjoys working with numbers, which is why he picked two somewhat opposite college majors.

Eric is extremely passionate about physical fitness, whether that be traditional activities such as lifting weights or aerobic activities such as swimming, running, etc.  He is currently pursuing Crossfit and loves the competitiveness it brings out of himself and other people.

Eric’s favorite thing about COACT has to be the company atmosphere and the people.  Everyone here has their own unique personality and are hardworking, which creates an excellent work environment.

Your first pet and its name: Maggie, a rescue dog our family got when I was younger.

The talent I would most like to have: Being good at everything, because life would be much easier that way.

My favorite dessert: Cheesecake and ice cream because there are endless flavors of either one to choose from.

Eric Banachowski