Carolina Broadway

Account Executive
Carolina Broadway

I was born and raised in Spain. I grew up in a city named Zaragoza which is located in the north east of the country.  I have a bachelor’s degree in international business and marketing with a minor in Communications from the University of Toledo. I recently graduated with my MBA degree with a focus in Business Administration and General Management. I love traveling and learning about other countries and cultures. I grew up traveling a lot and I love how it makes you aware of how diverse and exciting the world is. Plus, I love food and trying new kinds of food so when I travel, I make sure try everything! I consider myself to be outgoing, optimistic and cheerful. I am also the most indecisive person I know. I tend to look at the positive side of things and that is why I believe there is a solution for every problem. So far, I like how supportive the team is. I am learning a lot from everybody and I love the energy in the office. Everyone is willing to help you out to make sure you are successful. I also like the opportunities for growth and development they offer and how they are willing to work with you to ensure you follow the path you want within the company.

The TV show I can’t miss

I recently have been watching Grey’s Anatomy non-stop and it has become one of my favorite shows. A show I will always watch no matter how many times I have already watched it will be Friends.

The best place I’ve traveled

I have traveled a lot and visited great places but if I had to pick one right now, I would say St. Petersburg in Russia. I love traveling and I will take any excuse to visit somewhere I haven’t been before.

Favorite Pastime

I discovered thrifting not so long ago and now I find myself thrifting every other day. I enjoy finding unique pieces and of course great deals. I thrift everything from clothes to home decor, I think it is fun how you never know what you will find next time you go.

Carolina Broadway