Bryce Knott

Research Specialist
Bryce Knott

Bryce was born and raised right here in Toledo OH. It isn’t always his most proud tidbit, but he considers Toledo home and plans to stay here.

Bryce received his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Toledo. His degree is in economics. He probably should have a second bachelor’s but enjoyed taking too many history and German classes that never added up to a second degree.

Bryce is passionate about many things. These include but are not limited to, sports, dogs, chicken wings, music, and the Ohio State Buckeyes. In a professional sense, Bryce is passionate about growing his skill set and never stopping learning.

Bryce’s personality traits can vary based on the situation. Common personality traits for him are resourcefulness, inspiring, resilient, and loyal. Bryce understands as well that we all have personality traits that we could work to improve and admits he can sometimes be stubborn.

Bryce’s favorite thing about COACT is the team atmosphere. There is no other business like COACT in the fact that everyone here plays a part and everyone works toward the same goal. He loves how supportive everyone is of each other and the culture is the same from everyone in the building starting at the very top with the president.

Most Treasured Possession – Bryce has two most treasured possessions and they are his American Bully / Blue Nose Pit named Athena, and his Treeing Walker Hound named Jill.

Most Important Thing in the Fridge – The most important thing in the fridge is a cold Pepsi. I know pop is terrible for you, and I’m trying to switch to Pepsi Zero. For the record, it is pop by the way, not Soda.

One random Fact – I have a love for music that started at a young age. My father was a drummer, so I picked up playing the drums at an early age and added playing guitar around the 7th grade. I also have spent way more money on this hobby than I would like to admit.

Bryce Knott