Ashleigh Hotz

Manager of Marketing
Ashleigh Hotz

Ashleigh is a member of both the COACT Marketing Team and the COACT Leadership Group. In her role, she is responsible for designing brand identity systems and creative marketing strategies that complement our business growth campaign initiatives. Born and raised in Bowling Green, Ohio, Ashleigh received her BFA in Graphic Design at Bowling Green State University.

In her personal time, Ashleigh enjoys running and gardening. She especially loves spending time with her husband Nick and her three little girls Chloe, Maycee, and Vivian. Her favorite thing about COACT is: helping people with the way they perceive their own company and see them have a new-found excitement for what it is they do and the new business it can help to bring them.

Random Fact:
When I was 17, I was injured in a soccer tournament in Cleveland and had my jaw wired shut for 4 weeks
Worst habit:
Lip biting; when I do it I don’t even realize it. As you can imagine, this was a hard feat to accomplish when I was 17
Favorite dessert:
My Grandma Marcie’s Apple Cake (really anything she makes)!