People are Strange
Tuesday, March 5th, 2019, 1PM-2PM ET

We all know that in the end, people buy from people.

That being said, it's surprising how little we understand about the people who buy our products and services.

Even more importantly, it is surprising how little we understand about who we are as professional salespeople.

This webinar will supply you with the building blocks that will help you develop a greater understanding about buyer types and why they are inclined - or not inclined - to buy from you.

COACT Associates, Ltd. supplies a process solution to business growth. Our team of inside sales and marketing professionals design, build and manage business awareness and demand generation processes for your business. We prospect, pre-qualify and position new business opportunities for your team to close.

Thank you.

are Strange
Webinar: Sales
Synergy Overview

Fill out the form to Register and we will arrange for you to attend the webinar, People are Strange, facilitated by our founder and president, Mark Frasco on Tuesday, March 5th at 1:00 PM ET.

Does running your business get in the way of growing your business? If so, and you’re interested in learning more about our model and process, fill out the form to Register and we will arrange for you to attend the webinar, COACT Sales Synergy Overview, facilitated by our founder and president, Mark Frasco.

Mark Frasco, founder and president of COACT Associates, has been working with leaders, helping them find solutions to their business challenges, for nearly 30 years. During those years, he’s sold industrial products, architectural and engineering services, construction, consulting services and too many other things to mention.

Through those experiences, in 2003, COACT came to life. This webinar will give you a brief overview of our services and the underlying theories that are the building blocks to business growth success.

With extensive business leadership experience as an owner of operating companies (COACT, VistaGroup and APTUS), holding positions of President, Vice President, General Manager, Sales Manager and Operations Manager, his reputation for cultural transformation, business growth and turnaround activities, has uniquely positioned him as a trusted advisor to leaders everywhere.

Mark holds a bachelor’s degree in Corporate Finance from the University of Toledo and a master’s degree in Organization Development from Bowling Green State University.