Building Your Own Sales Tech Stack – from the Desk of a Sales VP

Jennifer Nietz - Vice President


If you work in sales or lead a sales team, you have probably learned that our industry is getting inundated with technology.

Tools, resources, and consultants are continuously reaching out to you with the latest and greatest to help you achieve your revenue goals.

The evaluation process alone is daunting and time-consuming.  You have probably seen an image like the one attached from VB Profiles that shows all of the technology categories and the tools available:

VB Profiles Sales Tech Landscape

Download the full-size image here. 

I work with clients on a daily basis that struggle with direction and what is needed. While solutions can vary, here are the top five things I recommend that any organization use to get make sure you don’t miss key areas while creating your own sales tech strategy.

Top 5 Things Every Sales Tech Stack Should Include:

1) CRM

2) Marketing Automation (Best if native to CRM, or integrated with CRM)

3) Business Development Automation (Best if native to CRM, or integrated with CRM)

4) List-Pulling Resource

5) Research Database (A place to pull industry-relevant information or contact information)

If you have these five pieces, you can feel confident that you have a great sales tech stack to start out with!

They may sound deceptively simple, but in my eight years of sales, I’ve found that they are necessary for today’s business development landscape.