April 2018 – COACT Successes

Michelle Philippon - Content Writer

Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC)

After two years of prospecting with a large, multinational automotive firm, COACT Associates landed a large project for one of our engineering clients that is right in their wheelhouse of expertise.


Contract Manufacturing & Fabrication 

One of COACT’s manufacturing clients is executing a focused business development campaign with retail franchises across North America and identified several key high-value targets. We introduced our client’s capabilities to a franchise with 30 locations who is looking to open several new stores. This franchise represents one of the top brands we are prospecting for.


Economic Development 

As part of COACT’s attraction efforts for an economic development client, we are reaching out to site selectors with potential interest in the Midwest about available sites and resources. We recently arranged an introduction meeting about site selection with one of the world’s Big Four accounting firms for this client.



One of COACT’s tech clients sells a robust solution to a very niche market. We spoke with a prospect that fit this client’s ideal customer profile, was impressed by the client’s value propositions, and was looking to purchase new technology for a brand-new location they were in the process of opening. This prospect is being set up with a demo of the client’s product.