November 2017 – COACT Successes

Melanie Garza - Director of Strategy & Growth

Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC)

COACT Rekindles Past Customer Relationship with Major Fuel Center   

A COACT engineering client had previously worked with a major fuel center customer and had consistent work within the system. However, due this prospect’s employee turnover and internal structuring, the client hadn’t worked with them in years.

COACT rebuilt the relationship with the buying influences within the customer’s operations and set up introductions to begin the process of getting back into the plans for 2018.

COACT Introduces Client to Aerospace Supplier

A COACT engineering client met with an aerospace supplier. The initial win will be a smaller project, but assuming all goes well on the project, the customer will enter into a Master Service Agreement (MSA) with the COACT client for additional work in 2018.

Metal Fabrication/Process Equipment

COACT Arranges Introductions with Aerospace Supplier Looking to Diversify Vendor Base

A COACT metal fabrication client recently met with a prospect that is an aerospace supplier. The client meets all the quality requirements to be a vendor and was able to uncover the prospect’s need to diversify their vendor base for several large, consistent part packages.

Open, Flexible Communication with Prospects for Machining Client

A COACT machining client was able to break into a global manufacturer because of an understanding of the prospect’s needs.

The prospect was looking for a capable vendor that was flexible on payment terms. Also, since the incumbent vendor was unwilling to adjust, the COACT client was at the table for a large number of annual bid packages.


COACT Expands Relationship in the Channel

A COACT client working within the ScanSource channel expanded an existing relationship by identifying additional complimentary products that will help the VAR to upsell to their customers, as well as provide a more robust solution to their end users.

New Product Introductions for Hardware Company

A COACT client releasing a new product was able to generate multiple conversations within the channel with VARs and integration partners that hadn’t engaged with the client for years. By introducing a unique, new application, the COACT client broke into several new and previous partnerships.

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