October 2017 – COACT Successes

Melanie Garza - Director of Strategy & Growth

Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC)

Major Automotive Manufacturer Opportunity 

A COACT long-term EPCM client is targeting major automotive companies and Tier 1 suppliers as a strategic initiative. COACT was able to coordinate a 2018 strategic planning discussion with a major automotive manufacturer at the corporate level. COACT’s consistent approach over the last 3 years for this target could lead to a significant partnership between the client and manufacturer.

Industrial Supplies

9 Introductions with High-Value Targets

A COACT client in the industrial supply space was introduced to 9 new organizations in September. These introductions could lead to significant business in the future. Through pre-qualification processes, COACT maximized the impact of the opportunities generated by leveraging a well-defined Ideal Client Profile.

Metal Fabrication/Process Equipment

High-Value Target Relationship Building with Multisite, High-Volume Manufacturers

A COACT client in the metal fabrication space is looking to build relationships with multisite, high-volume manufacturers. COACT positioned a major automotive supplier, a hydraulic manufacturer, and a heavy equipment manufacturer in the month of September that could result in ongoing long-term business for the COACT client.

COACT’s Flexible Approach to Business Growth

A COACT client in the metal fabrication market is focused on strategic, focused packages as they are operating near capacity. COACT generated opportunities specifically in these areas for the client to quote which could lead to increased revenue despite capacity constraints.

Support Introductions & New Opportunities

A COACT client supplying capital equipment and related engineering support was able to break into several customers on a support basis which could ultimately lead to ongoing relationships and work,  while also providing opportunities on the equipment side as well.


COACT Knows the Channel

A COACT client selling through distribution met with 10 new resellers in the month of September. The majority have ideal volumes for this COACT client. By developing a creative call to action around their demo program, COACT generated significant interest in the available products.

Questions or comments? Please contact Melanie Garza at mgarza@teamCOACT.com.